Hammertoe Treatment

In the end, Hoffman concluded that of the “one hundred and eighty-six pairs of primitive feet examined, he did not find a single foot associated with the symptoms of weakness so common in adult shoe-wearing feet, which are weakened by the restraint the shoe exerts over function.” He also noticed that foot development was remarkably similar, in all populations, up until the introduction of foot wear. Shoes, it seems, have an undeniable ability to alter one’s natural foot structure. While posterior tibial tendonopathy can present in one foot only, about three-quarters of the time it may be present in both feet.

It is observed that people with flat feet, high arch bone and women are susceptible to hammertoe but the only reason is the footwear they use. Otherwise no other reasons make them vulnerable to hammertoe. People with flat foot, usually have a broader front foot and hence they should avoid shoes that are compressive in nature to avoid foot problems. Similarly, ladies who are addicted to high heels, make the feet arch too much and longer hours and prolonged usage of such shoes may result in hammertoe. But this article gives you the treatment options without going under the knife.

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Findings suggest that by 24 weeks participants wearing mobility footwear saw an 18% reduction in knee adduction moment (KAM)—the load on the inner or medial aspect of the knee when walking (where most people develop knee OA) compared to baseline knee loading in their own footwear. No significant difference in KAM was found between walking with mobility shoes and barefoot. Compared to baseline, analyses indicate an 11% and 10% reduction in KAM for OA patients walking in their own shoes and barefoot, respectively, suggesting the mobility shoes may have “re-trained” participant’s gait.

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People with a pair of flat feet technically have a change in the position of their femoral heads which causes an increase in lumbar lordosis, lumbosacral angle, and jamming of the L4-5 and L5-S1 facets. When you see them walk they often have a sway back and their tush looks like it’s larger than it really is! Many young children have flat feet, a condition referred to as flexible flat feet. When the child stands, the feet look flat. But when the child rises to his or her toes, a slight arch appears. In most cases, as children grow older, the arches develop. Causes of Flat Feet and Fallen Arches

I sat in a few years ago on a class of violinists at a local university. The professor asked for a show of hands for how many students had pain when they played their instruments and every hand in the room when up. These 18-20 year olds were conditioned to believe that it was ok and normal for their bodies to hurt, and they were all at the beginning of their chosen career! I was reminded of my life at the end of high school and beginning of college when it hurt to walk and my diagnosis was degenerative arthritis in both ankles. flat feet

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